REA 2-Day Course

Workplace Violence - Dynamics, Prevention and Incident Investigation


This course is designed to familiarize participants with the current issues and initiatives in workplace violence. Course topics include the definition of violence in the workplace, jobs that are at higher risk, a review of the current legislative references to workplace violence, case law relating to workplace violence, latest regulatory initiatives, and the elements of a successful workplace violence prevention program.

How can I benefit from this course?

  • Get updated on the latest amendments to the workplace violence and harassment regulatory framework in the Ontario and federal jurisdictions

  • Develop understanding of employer duties for workplace violence risk assessment and prevention policies and programs

  • Understand interpretive jurisprudence on what is and is not "workplace violence"

  • Become familiar with the state of social science research regarding causes and prevention of different types of workplace violence

  • Get access to practical tools for workplace violence risk assessment, prevention program design, and program auditing

  • Develop familiarity with methods for carrying out investigations of workplace violence reports and allegations

View Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Background: Evolution of Violence as a Workplace Health and Safety Issue
Module 3 - Overview of the OHS Legal Framework for Workplace Violence
Module 4 - Key Problems: Legal Framework Versus the Workplace Violence Literature
Module 5 - Workplace Violence Typology
Module 6 - Type 1 - Criminal Outsiders: Risk Factors, Context and Controls
Module 7 - Type 2 - Clients and Patients: Risk Factors, Context and Controls
Module 8 - Type 3 - Co-Workers: Correlates, Relationship Dynamics, Context and Controls
Module 9 - Type 4 - Domestic Violence Spillover to the Workplace
Module 10 - Criminal Law and Workplace Violence
Module 11 - Implications of Typology and Controls for Workplace Violence Risk Assessment
Module 1 - OHS Regulatory Requirements and Implications for Investigations
Module 2 - Is it "Workplace Violence" or Something Else?
Module 3 - When to Refer to Law Enforcement
Module 4 - Determining the Type of Incident and Proper Investigation Protocol
Module 5 - Appointment of a Suitably Qualified Person to Conduct the Investigation
Module 6 - Statement of the Investigation Purpose and Deliverables
Module 7 - Fact-Finding on the Employer's Workplace Violence Prevention Program
Module 8 - Incident Fact Finding Practives and Protocols
Module 9 - Identification of Potential Antecedents of the Incident
Module 10 - Testing Information Accuracy and Consistency
Module 11 - Analysis of Type 3 Causal Dynamics and Contextual Factors
Module 12 - Analysis of Workplace Violence Prevention Program Implementation and Impacts
Module 13 - Drawing Conclusions and Making Recommendations
Module 14 - Preparing the Final Report

Is this course for me?

This course is designed to benefit Health and Safety Professionals, Health and Safety Managers, Human Resources Personnel, Joint Health and Safety Committee Members, Security Professionals, and anyone who wants an understanding of workplace violence risks and how to implement prevention and protection programs.

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Public: $695.00 Plus Tax
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