REA 1-Day Course

Mould - Identification and Control in Facilities


The presence of mould in buildings and facilities is becoming more and more common. Not only is mould unsightly in homes and workplaces, but also it can effect the indoor air quality and has been found to create or exacerbate health symptoms. Many claims for damages, replacement of building materials and health effects as a result of exposure to mould have also been filed successfully across the country.

How can I benefit from this course?

This course has been designed to aid those who would like to learn more about identification and remediation techniques for mould contamination. Participants will gain an understanding of where and what types of moulds are typically found in the natural environment, what factors influence the proliferation of moulds in indoor environments, tools and techniques to identify moulds, common health effects, classification of work for remediation techniques, methods of the New York Protocol and other methods, and prevention of mould problems.

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Module 1 - Basic Information on Moulds, Bacteria, and Other Micro-Organisms
Module 2 - Mould in the Built Environment
Module 3 - Mould Exposure and Human Health Concerns
Module 4 - Mould Identification Methods
Module 5 - Mould Remediation in Built Environments
Module 6 - Prevention of Mould Problems

Is this course for me?

This course is for

OHS / EHS Specialists, Building Maintenance Personnel, Health and Safety Committee Members, Plant and Operations Mangers.

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