REA 1-Day Course (meets requirements of O.REG. 297/13 - OHS Awareness and Training)

Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Member Certification - Refresher Training


Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved Certification Training Courses

Certification Training educates worker and management members of a joint health and safety committee (JHSC) in fundamental occupational health and safety concepts, to help JHSCs more effectively perform their legislated roles and functions. JHSCs are required in Ontario workplaces covered by the Occupational Health and Safety Act where 20 or more workers are employed. The Act also requires that one worker and one management member from each JHSC be certified. The Chief Prevention Officer of the Ministry of Labour is responsible for setting standards for certification and certifying JHSC members against those standards. REA is a Chief Prevention Officer Approved Provider of JHSC Certification Training.

How Certification is Achieved

The Joint Health and Safety Committee Member Certification is a 2-step process requiring completion of Part 1 (Basic) and Part 2 (Workplace-Specific or Sector-Specific Hazard Training). Employers of participants seeking Part 2 Certification are expected to conduct a hazard assessment to determine the “significant hazards” present at their workplace and ensure that prospective certified members receive training in those hazards. Upon completion of training, participants must submit a completed copy of the Workplace-Specific Hazard Training Confirmation Form to Chief Prevention Officer for final certification. See more on REA's Part 2 Certification Course (Office Environment, Industrial Environment, Health Care Environment).

To support ongoing learning for certified members, the new Program Standard has introduced Refresher Training. Topics include review of key concepts from Part One and Part Two Training, updates to legislation, standards, codes of practice and occupational health and safety best practices, and an opportunity for certified members to share and discuss best practices.

How can I benefit from this course?

This course has been designed to reinforce the skills and knowledge necessary for one to :

  • Work effectively as key member of the JHSC

  • Carry out your role as a Certified Member

  • Work constructively in resolution of health and safety concerns

View Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
Module 2 - Review of Roles and Responsibilities of the Workplace Parties and Worker Rights
Module 3 - Review of the Joint Health and Safety Committee Rights, Duties and Functions
Module 4 - Review of Hazard Recognition, Assessment, Control and Evaluation and a Hazard Management Tool
Module 5 - Responding to Workplace Accidents
Module 6 - Changes and updates Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
Module 7 - Hazard Control
Module 8 - Responding to Workplace Accidents
Module 9 - Emerging Occupational Health and Safety Trends

Is this course for me?

Those certified by the CPO under the training requirements which came into effect on March 1, 2016 are required to take Refresher Training every three years to maintain their certification. This Refresher Training program must be completed within three (3) years of completing the Part Two program.

Can I get an exemption from taking Refresher Training?

Yes. A certified member may request a one-time exemption from Refresher Training if he or she is an active member (i.e. engaged as a member of the workplace JHSC within the past 12 months). This exemption would extend the required period for Refresher Training by an additional three years for the active member.

Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Training Program Extension or Exemption Request can be found HERE.

What happens if I do not take Refresher Training within three years?

If you do not take a Refresher Training program within three years of completing Part Two or a previous Refresher course, and you did not receive a one-time exemption, your certification may be revoked by the CPO. If your certification is revoked, you will have to re-take certification training (i.e. JHSC Part One and Part Two certification training courses and Refresher training) in order to be re-certified.

Course Approvals

Chief Prevention Officer Approved Yes

Cost (See Terms & Conditions)

Public: $249.00 Plus Tax
In-House: Please contact us