REA 1-Day Course

Workplace Pandemic Influenza Prepardness and Control


This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of pandemic influenza risks, methods for workplace exposure risk assessment, and practices to protect personnel in work environments. The course covers: reasons for concern over a possible pandemic; current situation with avian influenza; state of science on modes of influenza transmission; non-pharmaceutical methods for reducing virus exposure and risk of transmission; techniques for assessing relative exposure risks in work settings; and recommended elements for a workplace protection program.

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Module 1 - Why the Concern Over a Possible Influenza Pandemic?
Module 2 - How is Influenza Transmitted
Module 3 - Non-Pharmaceutical Methods for Reducing Risk of Influenza Transmission
Module 4 - Assessing Influenza Risk in the Workplace
Module 5 - Employer Best Practices for Environmental Infection Prevention and Control

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Anyone wanting an understanding of pandemic influenza risks and issues in implementing a program for protection of personnel in work settings.

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