REA 2-Day Course (meets requirements of O.Reg. 297/13 - OHS Awareness and Training)

OHS for Managers and Supervisors - the "Competent Person" Course


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Why choose REA?

The entire concept of a "competent person" course was pioneered in the Ontario marketplace in 1997 by REA, and subsequently copied by a variety of other providers. REA's course has been variously described by employers and participants as one of the best OHS courses they've experienced, and one of the most effective in positively shaping supervisory attitudes and skills. For this reason, many REA clients contract for delivery of this course on an in-house basis many times per year, year after year. Like all REA courses, it is taught by extremely well qualified and experienced OHS professionals who are active in Canadian and International professional associations and hold academic appointments in Occupational Hygiene.

Under Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations, certain functions may only be performed by a "Competent Person". All "Supervisors" must be "Competent Persons". Aspects of work such as confined space entry, operation of lifting devices, use of mobile equipment, work around live electrical equipment, and traffic control must also be performed only by "Competent Persons" or "Competent Workers". Ensuring the appointment of "Competent Persons" is recognized as an essential element in demonstrating due diligence and protection of health and safety.

How can I benefit from this course?

You will gain knowledge of:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the workplace parties under the OHS Act

  • The special roles, duties and liabilities of persons with supervisory responsibilities

  • Scope and application of the regulations under the OHS Act

  • What constitutes health and safety "due diligence" in terms of the day-to-day practices of supervisors

  • Ontario enforcement and prosecution history relating to the duty of an employer to appoint only "competent persons" as supervisors

  • Practical compliance and protective practices for supervisors, such as: hazard identification and assessment; job safety planning; workplace inspections; dealing with employee safety concerns; modifying unsafe behaviours; responding to incidents.

The objective of this course is to help learners acquire skills and knowledge to meet the two key "competency criteria" set out by the OHS Act and regulations, namely: (1) familiarity with the legislation that applies to the work; and (2) knowledge of actual and potential dangers of the work.

View Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Fundamentals of the Oh&S Act
Module 2 - Enforcement and Due Diligence
Module 3 - Worker Rights, Legislated Procedures, and the Role of Joint Health and Safety Committees
Module 4 - Accident Investigation
Module 5 - Proactive Health and Safety Practices for Supervisors

Is this course for me?

If your work includes supervisory responsibility, performing functions that must be performed only by a "Competent Person", or "Competent Worker" in Ontario, then this course is for you. If your organization is seeking to: (1) promote a safety culture; or (2) increase supervisory / managerial staff awareness of their health and safety roles, responsibilities and liabilities; (3) strengthen organizational capacity for management of safety on a day-to-day basis; or comply with O.Reg. 297/13 (Supervisor/Employee Awareness), then this course is for you.

Cost (See Terms & Conditions)

Public: $599.00 Plus Tax
In-House: $519.00 Plus Tax - Please contact us