REA 2-Day Course

Canada Labour Code, Part II - Work Place & Policy Health and Safety Committees


Bill C-12, which came into effect in September 2000, amended the Canada Labour Code, Part II, by introducing the requirement for a Policy Health and Safety Committee for work places with more than 300 employees; amending the powers and duties of Work Place Health and Safety Committees; and by extending the duties of employers – particularly in relation to protection of third parties. Participants in this course will gain a solid understanding of the application and provisions of CLC-II, and their roles and responsibilities as Work Place and / or Policy Health and Safety Committee Members.

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Module 1 - Evolution of Workplace Health and Safety Laws in Canada
Module 2 - Internal Responsiblity System: Roles, Rights, and Duties
Module 3 - Introduction to the Canada Labour Code Part II
Module 4 - Duties of Employees and Employers
Module 5 - Functions of Workplace Health and Safety Committees
Module 6 - Overview of the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
Module 7 - Work Place Inspection
Module 8 - Hazardous Occurrence Reporting and Investigation
Module 9 - Health and Safety Complaints and Unsafe Work Refusals
Module 10 - Being an Effective Work Place Committee

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Present and future members of Work Place or Policy Health and Safety Committees in federally regulated work places.