REA 1-Day Course

Cannabis Legalization in the Community - Implications for Workplace Health and Safety


Legalization of marijuana in Canada will present new workplace health and safety challenges for employers and employees. While the issue is new, there are lessons that can be learned from the experiences of USA jurisdictions where marijuana legalization pre-dates Canada. This course examines the issue from a variety of perspectives and for different audiences.

How can I benefit from this course?

You will gain knowledge of:

  • Overview of the regulatory framework for production, distribution, sale and personal use

  • Basics of marijuana pharmacology

  • Hazards and hazard controls for employers and employees in marijuana growing and processing

  • What is and isn’t known regarding effects on user behaviour, task performance, injury risk, and long-term health

  • Implications of therapeutic use for employers and workplace safety

  • Potential workplace hazards associated with employee use outside the workplace and at the workplace

  • Provisions of provincial and federal OHS legislation bearing on employer and worker duties

  • Implications for the right-to-refuse unsafe work

  • Components for appropriate workplace drug abuse policies and programs

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